Heavy Metal #78 (vol. 7 #6, September 1983) (i)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Aries” – Enrich Torres
p.04-05 – “Dossier: Blow Op” – John Morthland and Lee Nye
p.05 – “Dossier: Videodoom” – Timothy R. Lucas and Jerry Bauer
p.05-06 – “Dossier: Advance And Be Recognized” – John Shirley and David Alexander
p.06-07 – “Dossier: Seven Panels Of Dick In Depth” – Ned Sonntag
p.07-08 – “Dossier: Short And Soft” – John Silbersack
p.08-10 – “Dossier: Dark Side Of The Moon” – Merle Ginsberg and Robert Mapplethorpe
p.08 – “Dossier: Sects And Books” – Mary Wilshire
p.10-11 – “Dossier: Aberrant Texans And Jewish Armadillos” – Michael Simmons
p.11 – “Dossier: See The Movie, Play The Game” – Daphne Davis and Ralph Nelson Jr.
p.12-13 – “Dossier: Nahallywood” – Ed Naha and Howard Cruse
p.13 – “Dossier: Video Games Go To Hollywood” – John Holmstrom
p.14-19 – “The City That Didn’t Exist” – Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal
p.21-28 – “Tex Arcana: Case Of The Disappearin’ Chickens!” – John Findley
p.29-36 – “Ranxerox” – Stefano Tamburini and Gaetano “Tanino” Liberatore
p.37 – “HM’s Star Dissections: Honeymooner” – Drew Friedman and Johnny Craig
p.38-46 – “Alef-Thau: The Second Song: The Hunt For Louth” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Arnaud “Arno” Dombre
p.47-54 – “The Clips: Heavy Metal’s First Annual Awards For Excellence In Music-Video” – Alan Hecht, Len Mogel, Julie Simmons-Lynch, Lou Stathis, and Steven Maloff
p.57-61 – “Gallery: In A Word – Splendid! A Look At Rowena” – Theodore Sturgeon
p.62 – “June 2050: June 2483” – Todd Klein and Murphy Anderson
p.63-67 – “Interview: Francis Ford Coppola: The Outsider” – Robert Morales and Brian McCall
p.69-76 – “The Odyssey” – Francisco Navarro and José Martin Sauri
p.77 – “The Way Of The Worlds” – Nicola Cuti
p.78-79 – “Professor Neutron” – Chris Lincoln
p.81 – “I’m Age” – Jeff Jones
p.82-89 – “Zora” – Fernando Fernandez
p.92-95 – “Rock Opera” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.96 – “Next Issue…”
Back Cover – Christopher Mark Brennan


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