We want your stuff! Don’t make us mug you on the street for it, like that one time.

Bring us your old comics, toys, and collectible cards, and if we’re interested, we’ll give you a fair price for them. Keep in mind that not every treasure is worth a lot of money, especially if it’s been damaged by time and (mis)use; we’ll always be honest with you about what your things are worth!

If you have Magic: The Gathering cards and collections to part with, we’d be happy to take a look! We buy for cash or store credit.* Remember that damage and wear may devalue your card(s) slightly, and not every card is spectacularly valuable. Serra Angels and Shivan Dragons used to be awesome, but now we’re looking for Jace, The Mind Sculptors, Tarmogoyfs and such!

Please call ahead and make an appointment. If you can help us plan our day by asking if we’re free, or when in the day would be good, that helps us quite a bit!

*Minors cannot be paid in cash without a parent or guardian present.

Our Wishlist

  • comics
  • used trade paperbacks, graphic novels
  • Magic: The Gathering cards
  • Pokemon cards
  • Transformers
  • Star Wars toys
  • Godzilla
  • promos
  • exclusives and variants
  • vintage professional wrestling goods
  • Kinnikuman/MUSCLE collectibles
  • medical tools
  • taxidermy
  • antiques, particularly uranium or vaseline glass
  • ICP merchandise

Help Us Help You!

Just as a side note, it does help us quite a bit if you can organize your collection along broadly intuitive lines, i.e., cards all facing the same direction, relatively dust or fur-free, all the Spider-Man issues together, etc. It speeds up the process for us (and you)!