Can’t make it to the store every week to pick up the new releases? Following a beloved but infrequent graphic novel series? Have us set up a subscription file! We’ll keep a database of all the books you tell us to follow, including monthly titles, one-shots, and annuals — or graphic novels and trade paperbacks!

Our point-of-sale system keeps a record of subscribers’ purchases, too, so if you’re not sure what the last issue or volume you bought was, if you have an account with us, we’ll be able to tell you where you left off!

No subscription file is too small. If you’re just ordering one copy of The Amazing Spider-Man or Sonic the Hedgehog each month, you are valuable to us!

Subscriptions at Cyborg One are a free service. You get the books you want, and in return, you and other customers are giving us a great handle on how many to order before they’re published. All we ask is that you stop by once a month to pick up your file.

Talk to us today to get started!

Please note: since the big distribution shake-up of 2020, Marvel and DC titles are no longer part of this new release widget generated by Diamond Comic Distributors! We’re still getting tons of their books, but sadly, can’t yet represent them in a nice image gallery every week. When in doubt, please contact us about any book(s) you’d like held before street date!