Pop Culture's Finest Source

Founded in 1992, Cyborg One is Bucks County’s (and perhaps the world’s) premiere geek and pop culture store! We are a retailer of comic books, comic book collecting supplies, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, toys, board games, collectible card games, and role-playing games, and also buy and sell vintage material and collectibles.

We offer subscription, mail order, and appraisal services as well — all in a clean, well-organized, family-friendly environment, hosted by our knowledgeable staff, only two of whom have served time in the Phantom Zone prison dimension.

Check us out here in our small corner of the internet, or stop by the physical store today!


Also! Lots of folks have asked us if we can ship internationally. We can, we have, and we do! We have international shipping disabled on the site by default, but if you contact us directly with your address and the item(s) your’re interested in, we can weigh a prospective package for you and give you a quote with shipping. Hallo, G’day, and こんにちは, new friends!