Special Orders

We’re big, we’re bad, but we can’t house everything cool in the world under one small roof in Doylestown.

We want to know if there’s any item, large or small, that we don’t have and you want, so tell us already!

Contact us (information in footer at bottom), and we’ll let you know what’s possible, and how soon.

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Publishing and manufacturing move fast, and then again, they can sometimes move at a glacial pace. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see just a bit into the future to know when things are coming out?

You can!

Pick up a copy of Previews  (free with purchase) — the industry’s catalog of all the new releases that matter — every month to get a look at what’s coming out months from now in the world of geekdom, or contact us directly so we can get started on finding the item that will complete your existence.

the stash

Looking for that hard-to-find item, or have a wish list waiting to be crossed off? Let us know your budget and what you’re looking for, and we’ll see what we can do.

We can’t promise anything, but as world travelers and seekers of the obscure, we have our ways of finding the interesting and unusual.

We also have a not-so-secret stash of books in “the warehouse” from which we can sometimes produce hidden gems. Best to ask first rather than plumb those mysterious depths unattended.