Heavy Metal Special #24 (2000): CD Special — CD not included


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Alphabet Letter “X”” – Luis Royo
p.03-10 – “Amanite And Tequila” – Didier “Cromwell” David
p.12-19 – “Smoke” – Saverio Tenuta
p.22-29 – “Tusk” – Idea + Design Works, Susumu Matsushita, Kris Oprisko, Alex Garner, Guy Major, and Cindy Chapman
p.32-41 – “Simon Coldwater: Inflated Ego” – Simon Bisley
p.44-48 – “The Further Adventures Of Alice” – Carlos Trillo and Carlos Nine
p.49-77 – “F.A.K.K.²: The Game” – Joel Thomas
p.78-96 – “Concept Art” – Joel Thomas
p.97-120 – “F.A.K.K.² Game Gallery” – Robert M. Atkins, William Haskins, Beau Anderson, Simon Bisley, CinéGroupe Animation, Andrew Collins, Kevin Eastman, Epoch Ink, Michael Hadwin, Zach Hall, Darrin Hart, Richard “Levelord” Gray, John Meuller, Brandon Riza, Eric Talbot, Joel Thomas, Trixter Studios


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