Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend Manga Vol. 2 (2018)


Rated Adults Only for explicit content. New in original shrink wrap! Fakku Books. Please consult image gallery for condition! Original sales language:

(W/A/CA) Toshio Maeda
Japanese horror manga series that has gained a cult following around the world continues! Tatsuo Nagumo is in critical condition. Comatose on a operating table, with little brain activity and his organs failing, the doctors declare him dead. The same medics suddenly retch in pain as they are disintegrated and their souls flow into the body of now revived Tatsuo. There’s something different about him, though, and while he’s back among the living, something else may have awoken within him. The Demon Realm and the Beast-Men have been scouring the globe for the reincarnation of the Overfiend and they have now found it in the body of Tatsuo Nagumo. Now the search begins to heat up, as the Overfiend will face off against the legendary and powerful Sea Demon King!


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