Reborn (2006-2010) Manga Vols. 1-12 Set


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(W/A/CA) Tsubasa Fukuchi
Volume 1: When fedora-wearing, gun-toting toddler Reborn arrives and says he’s come to groom Tsuna for his future as boss of an Italian organized crime family, Tsuna is more than a little skeptical. But Reborn may have the “magic bullet” necessary to turn Tsuna’s life around! Volume 2: Reborn has set his sights on a new recruit for the Vongola Famiglia and prepares a rigorous initiation rite. But when deadly beauty Bianchi fixes Reborn in her romantic crosshairs and swears to kill anyone who stands in the way of their impending romance, it’s Tsuna whose life is in danger! Rating: T+

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