Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Drop Series — Calling All Hydra Heads (Traditional Foil Edition, 2023)


Stock images generated from a single unit; individual units may differ slightly. Additional graphics and packaging done by us (using Wizards’ text and assets to make the product look better in-store)! The actual unit inside remains unopened. Sales language from Wizards of the Coast:

They say two heads are better than one, but what about more—of the hydra variety? The next WPN exclusive Secret Lair is on its way: Calling All Hydra Heads!

Calling All Hydra Heads contains five cards and one token, all in traditional foil and packaged together in a Little Black Box to make shelf placement even easier for you.

Every card in this product features expressive, eye-popping art by CatDirty that is sure to stun the table as they come into play. Share the contents across your social media platforms to capture players’ interest in this edition of Magic‘s best worst-kept secret, available only at WPN stores.

  • Zaxara, The Exemplary
  • Unbound Flourishing
  • Primordial Hydra
  • Hydroid Krasis
  • Gargos, Vicious Watcher
  • 1 Hydra token

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