Jurassic Park: Tyrannosaurus Rex 1/35 Plastic Model Kit


New in original packaging. Stock images created from a single unit; individual units may differ very slightly. Original sales language:

From X-Plus. X-Plus brings us a plastic model kit of the T-Rex as seen in the 1993 movie, Jurassic Park! For this kit, they’ve recreated the iconic scene after the T-Rex appeared with a ground-shaking sound and terrified the tour participants on the main road. Ian Malcom can be seen waving a light to catch the massive dinosaur’s attention just before he runs for his life! In order to reproduce the T-Rex’s proportions and delicate details in plastic, the parts have been meticulously divided into different molds. The figure is posed standing on one leg, a pose that is difficult to achieve with PVC or poly resin! The thigh muscles contract as the T-Rex pulls its legs up, and the weight leans to one side, giving the figure the realistic feel of weight and motion! The figure has been produced in 1/35 scale, which is the standard scale for military models. When you hold it in your hand, and you can feel the huge size of T-Rex by comparing it with the same scale of Dr. Ian Malcolm.


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