Heavy Metal #80 (vol. 7 #8, November 1983) (i)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Bird Of Prey” – David Dorman
p.02 – “Illustration” – Will Eisner
p.04-05 – “Dossier: Nuvinyl: Avant-Guardian Angles” – Lou Stathis, Jeff Niki, Paula Court, and Deborah Feingold
p.05 – “Dossier: Flash!  Stop The Presses!  Hold Your Lobes!” – Lou Stathis
p.06 – “Dossier: Smiley Miles” – Stuart Cohn
p.06-07 – “Dossier: Pee-Wee Pow-Wow” – Tim Sommer and Laura Levine
p.07 – “Dossier: WRAB: The Pirate Television Station: CWR 3: Book Reviews Wtih Ron Post” – Matt Howarth
p.08-09 – “Dossier: EC Living” – Steven C. Ringgenberg, Al Williamson, and Bob Bissett
p.08 – “Dossier: Prince Williamson” – John Workman
p.09 – “Dossier: Strip Show” – David Keeps
p.10 – “Dossier: The Comics Chopping Block” – Lou Stathis and Tom Sciacca
p.11-12 – “Dossier: Nahallywood” – Ed Naha
p.12 – “Dossier: Vector Graphics Vs. Laserdiscs” – John Holmstrom
p.13-20 – “Valentina The Pirate” – Guido Crepax
p.21-28 – “Tex Arcana: Meets The Toast Of Europe: Part 2” – John Findley
p.30 – “I’m Age” – Jeff Jones
p.31-42 – “Alef-Thau: The Fourth Song: The Fright Of The Great Spectacle” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Arnaud “Arno” Dombre
p.43 – “June 2050” – Steven Ringgenberg and Scott Hampton
p.44-47 – “”… And I Threw In A Hat…”: A Talk With Will Eisner” – Mike Barson, Ted White, Mitch Berger, and Randi Caldwell
p.48-54 – “Heavy Metal Presents: The Spirit” – Will Eisner
p.55-59 – “Ranxerox” – Stefano Tamburini and Gaetano “Tanino” Liberatore
p.60-68 – “As In A Dream” – Miltos Scuras
p.69-76 – “The Odyssey” – Francisco Navarro and José Martin Sauri
p.77-86 – “Lolla” – Philippe Marcelé and Lacome
p.87 – “HM’s Star Dissections: William Bendix Sightings” – Drew Friedman
p.88-89 – “Chain Mail”
p.88 – “Chain Mail: Illustration” – Jean “Mœbius” Giraud
p.92-95 – “Rock Opera” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 – “The Bus: The Big Questions” – Paul Kirchner
p.96 – “Next Issue”
Back Cover – “Possesssion” – Dieter “De Es” Schwertberger


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