Beasts of the Blood-Stained Jackboot (Pulp Mayhem Special #1) SC


New trade paperback. 2022, Deicide Press. For mature readers! Original sales language:

(A) Syd Shores & Various
Beasts of the Blood-Stained Jackboot is a special edition in the popular Pulp Mayhem series that showcases one of the most vivid strands of illustrated pulp, dedicated to tales of Nazi marauders during World War 2. The 22 stories included here portray Nazis as evil torturers and killers, whose victims were almost invariably scantily-clad, large-breasted female captives. It should be noted that rescuers, and sometimes the victims themselves, nearly always prevail against the threat of these vile monsters of war, who are never glorified but always shown as despicable and sadistic criminals.


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