Star Wars (Republic) 1998-2006 Complete Dark Horse Series #0, 1-83


Star Wars vol. 1 #0 (American Entertainment and Another Universe editions), 1-45. Numbering continues into Star Wars: Republic #46-83. 1998-2006, Dark Horse Comics. Also includes Free Comic Book Day 2006 Star Wars / Conan Special. Individually bagged and boarded. Condition VF-NM. Please consult image gallery for details!

#1: 1st appearances of Ephant Mon and Ki-Adi-Mundi.
#7: 1st appearance of Aurra Sing.
#10: 1st appearance of A’Sharad Hett.
#13: 1st appearance of Yaddle.
#17: 1st appearance of Quinlan Vos.
#19: 1st appearance of Aayla Secura.
#60: Origin of Asajj Ventress.
#63: 1st appearance of Darth Andeddu.


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