Secret Wars Complete Series I and II #1-12, 1-9 — Origin of Venom Symbiote


Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars #1-12 of 12 (1984-1985), Secret Wars II #1-9 of 9 (1985-1986), Marvel Comics. Condition VF-NM. Individually bagged and boarded. Please consult image gallery for details!

I #1: 1st Cameo Appearance of The Beyonder (voice only), Battleworld.
I #3: 1st Appearance of Titania & Volcana.
I #4: 1st Appearance of Zsaji.
I #7: 1st Appearance of Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter).
I #8: Origin of the Black Symbiote Costume.

II #1: 1st Appearance of Thundersword (Stewart Cadwall). X-Men & New Mutants Appearance.
II #3: 1st Full Appearance of The Beyonder (All Powerful Infinite/Beyond Dimensional Cosmic Entity).
II #4: 1st Appearance of Algrim the Strong As Kurse.
II #5: 1st Appearance of Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith)


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