Heavy Metal #97 (vol. 9 #1, April 1985)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Female Wrestlers” – Boris Vallejo
p.05-15 – “An Author In Search Of Six Characters” – Maurilio “Milo” Manara
p.18-25 – “Bodyssey” – Simon Revelstroke and Richard Corben
p.26-31 – “Le Chat” – Philippe Manoeuvre and Beja
p.32-40 – “Superflite” – Phil Manoeuvre and Al Voss
p.41-42 – “Dossier: Scream Gems: Director Larry Cohen” – James Verniere
p.43-45 – “Dossier: Comic Erotic: Just Jaeckin” – Randy Lofficier and Jean-Marc Lofficier
p.46-47 – “Dossier: Beyond The Valley Of The Videos” – Jim Farber
p.48 – “Dossier: Radio Horror” – Bhob Stewart
p.48 – “Dossier: Disney” – Michael S. Barson
p.48 – “Dossier: Dame Dick” – Lou Stathis
p.48 – “Dossier: Strips” – Lou Stathis
p.49 – “Dossier: TV Guide” – Bhob Stewart
p.49 – “Dossier: Terry Cloth” – Michael S. Barson
p.49 – “Dossier: The Housewives Of 2001” – Michael S. Barson
p.50-53 – “Dossier: Ratso’s Palazzo: Sterling Says: Interview With Velvet Undergrounder Sterling Morrison” – Larry Sloman and Nat Finkelstein
p.54-56 – “Dossier: For Publication: Interview With Eating Raoul Director Paul Bartel” – James Verniere
p.58-65 – “Rebel” – Rob Hingley, Kenny Sylvester, Pete Ciccone, and Pepe Moreno
p.67-74 – “Goodbye” – Joost Swarte
p.75-82 – “The Fighter” – Heriberto “Herikberto” Muela
p.83 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.83 – “Coming”
p.86 – “HM’s Hollywood Hell: The Edward D. Wood, Jr. Players Trading Cards” – Drew Friedman
p.87-92 – “El Borbah: Bone Voyage” – Charles Burns
p.93-96 – “The Vengeance Of Arn, Fragments” – Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Jean-Claude Gal
Back Cover – Michael Gross


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