Heavy Metal #95 (vol. 8 #11, February 1985)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – Michael Kanarek
p.05 – “HM’s Hollywood Hell: The Lord Of Eltingville: His Life And Times” – Drew Friedman
p.07-18 – “The Walls Of Samaris” – Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten
p.20-27 – “The Hunting Party” – Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal
p.28-37 – “An Author In Search Of Six Characters” – Maurilio “Milo” Manara
p.38-40 – “Gallery: The Grand Adventure By Philip José Farmer”
p.41-43 – “Dossier: Cartoonist: Jack Davis” – Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.44-45 – “Dossier: Russell Simmons” – Tim Sommer and Stephen Bryant
p.46-47 – “Dossier: Nahallywood” – Ed Naha and J. D. King
p.48 – “Dossier: Bowie” – Steven Maloff
p.48 – “Dossier: Sade” – Jon Tiven
p.48 – “Dossier: BLAM!” – Steven Maloff
p.49 – “Dossier: Art In Transit” – Steven Maloff
p.49 – “Dossier: Hip Hop” – Steven Maloff
p.49 – “Dossier: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – Matt Howarth
p.49 – “Dossier: Mister X” – Lou Stathis
p.50 – “Dossier: The H. M. Filmstrip” – James Verniere, Lou Stathis, and Steven Maloff
p.51 – “Dossier: The Metal Projector” – Steven Maloff, Ed Naha, and Ann Holt Kinney
p.52-56 – “Dossier: The Heavy Metal Interview: Russell Mulcahy” – Lou Stathis
p.57-64 – “Rocco Vargas: Tritón” – Daniel Torres
p.65-70 – “Albinos” – Beb Deum
p.71-73 – “It’s Not A Bad Life” – J. D. King
p.74-79 – “Tex Arcana: Meets The Toast Of Europe: Part 17” – John Findley
p.80-87 – “Matter Of Time: Chronology” – Juan Giménez
p.90 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.90 – “Coming”
p.91-96 – “El Borbah: Bone Voyage” – Charles Burns
Back Cover – Montxo Algora


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