Heavy Metal #60 (vol. 5 #12, March 1982) (ii)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Pattie Flying An Atomic Potato Through Megacorp Musicland” – Victor Stabin
p.02-03 – “Illustration” – Arthur Bell
p.04, 83 – “Editorial” – Brad Balfour and David Allen
p.06-12 – “The Mercenary” – Vicente Segrelles
p.13 – “Salad Bark #1” – Nicole Claveloux
p.14-16 – “Artificial Boundaries, Expanding Horizons, Possible Musics” – Jon Hassell and Mati Klarwein
p.16 – “Ahh, Earth…” – John Workman
p.17-24 – “The Incal: The Incal Light: Panic On The Internal Exterior” – Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jean “Mœbius” Giraud, and Yves Chaland
p.25-33, 74-78 – “Nova 2” – Luis Garcia
p.35 – “New Musics: The Second Annual Rock Blitz” – Jean “Mœbius” Giraud
p.36-37 – “New Musics: Report #57RNR: Elvis Presley: The Pelvis Cult” – Elliott Murphy and Larry Lee
p.38-47 – “New Musics: A Life In The Day” – Dick Matena
p.48-51 – “New Musics: Jungle Rock” – Sergio Macedo
p.52-60 – “New Musics: Surprise Party” – Brenda Jackson and Serge Clerc
p.61-64 – “New Musics: FutuReviews” – Lenny Kaye and Jim Cherry
p.65 – “I’m Age” – Jeff Jones
p.66-73 – “At The Middle Of Cymbiola” – Claude Renard and François Schuiten
p.79 – “Dossier: Out To Launch” – Robert Morales
p.79 – “Dossier: Out To Launch” – Jeff Goldberg
p.79 – “Dossier: Out To Launch: The Columbia Takeoff” – Daphne Davis
p.79 – “Dossier: Out To Launch: Additional Flights Of Space Fancy” – Brad Balfour
p.80 – “Dossier: Nu Vinyl” – Lou Stathis and Larry Lee
p.80-81 – “Dossier: Krauts Vs Japs” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.81 – “Dossier: Wandering Minstrels” – Joey Berlin
p.81 – “Dossier: Videofied Of Fried” – Jon Tiven
p.82 – “Dossier: AddendA” – Brad Balfour
p.82 – “Dossier: Sects And Books And Rock ‘N’ Roll…” – Mary Wilshire
p.83 – “Editor’s Note”
p.83 – “Chain Mail”
p.84-89 – “Den II” – Richard Corben
p.92-95 – “Rock Opera” – Rod “The Cowardly Cartoonist” Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.96 – “Coming”
Back Cover – “Electric Splendor” – Phillippe Druillet


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