Heavy Metal #59 (vol. 5 #11, February 1982) (i)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Angel Of The Gods” – Greg Hildebrandt
p.02-03 – “Illustration” – Jo Ellen Trilling
p.04 – “Editorial: Wally Wood (1927-1981)” – John Workman
p.06 – “Shakespeare For Americans: The Merchant Of Venice” – Walter Simonson, Howard Victor Chaykin, William Shakespeare, and George Simon Kaufman
p.08-11 – “The Mercenary” – Vicente Segrelles
p.13 – “Dossier: New Musics” – Lou Stathis and William Coupon
p.13 – “Dossier: Youth Culture” – Daphne Davis
p.14-15 – “Dossier: Favorite Villains Of All Time” – Terry Gilliam
p.14 – “Dossier: Storied Futures” – Duart McLean
p.14-15 – “Dossier: SF-ly Brilliant” – Timothy R. Lucas
p.15 – “Dossier: Guitar God-dom: Part One” – Brad Balfour
p.15 – “Dossier: Soft Covered” – Jonathan White
p.16 – “Dossier: AddendA” – Brad Balfour and Christine Rodin
p.16 – “Dossier: Booka-Saurus” – Harlan Ellison
p.17-24 – “The Incal: The Incal Light: Hail Darkness!” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean “Mœbius” Giraud
p.25-32 – “Tales Of The Galactic Inn: Hycrotan’s Story” – José María “Beá Font” Beá
p.36-38 – “Nightmare Death” – Jeffrey Goldberg and Alan Lynch
p.39-42 – “Den II” – Richard Corben
p.43-52 – “Gideon Faust: Warlock At Large: Urchin!” – Len Wein and Howard Victor Chaykin
p.54-61 – “An Unmarried Machine” – Jean-Michel Nicollet
p.62-64 – “Stolen Moments” – Adal Alberto Maldonado, Lisa Thackaberry, June Ponte, and Beauregard
p.65-68 – “At The Middle Of Cymbiola” – Claude Renard and François Schuiten
p.69-72 – “In The Beginning” – Richard Man and Mark Fisher
p.73-76 – “Gallery: Alonso Smith: Within The Fantasy Bureau Of The Subconscious” – Steven Maloff
p.77 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.78-80 – “The Appointment” – Marc Hempel
p.81-88 – “Zora” – Fernando Fernandez
p.89 – “I’m Age” – Jeff Jones
p.92-95 – “Rock Opera” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.96 – “Coming”
Back Cover – “Cadillax” – Berni Wrightson


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