Heavy Metal #191 (vol. 25 #1, March 2001)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Saint Julie” – Simon Bisley
p.03 – “Heavy Metal: Publishers Note” – Kevin Eastman
p.03 – “Letters To The Editor”
p.05-10 – “Gallery: Justice Howard”
p.12-13 – “Dossier: Peering Into Distant Corners” – Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.16 – “The Trend: Theatre Of Tragedy” – Meredith Bogard
p.16 – “Illustration” – Allan Baker
p.18-19 – “Galactic Geographic: The Strangest Outpost” – Karl Kofoed
p.20-27 – “The Longest Pleasure” – C. J. Henderson, Langdon Foss, Vision Comics, and George Byron
p.30-52 – “Sha: Soul Vengeance: Chapter 5: The Burning Times” – Pat Mills, Oliver Ledroit, and Edwin Arnold
p.53-55, 101-120 – “Sha: Soul Vengeance: Chapter 6: Redemption” – Pat Mills, Oliver Ledroit, and Curt John Ducasse
p.58-61 – “Wildflower: Through Desert Plains” – Billy Martinez and Mickey Clausen
p.63-69 – “Wake Of The Tyra Li” – Eddie Wilson
p.72-77 – “The Mailman” – Carlos Trillo and Domingo Mandrafina
p.79-92 – “The Swamp Monster Strikes Again” – Eduardo Risso
p.96-99 – “The Daily News” – Das Pastoras


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