Heavy Metal #17 (vol. 2 #4, August 1978) (i)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – Clyde Caldwell
p.04 – “…Moreover…”
p.04 – “Illustration” – Jean Vern
p.05 – “Moebius…” – Jean “Mœbius” Giraud
p.06-13 – “New Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn” – Richard Corben and Jan Strnad
p.14-15 – “The Airtight Garage Of Jerry Cornelius: Major Grubert’s Adventure” – Jean “Mœbius” Giraud
p.17-20 – “Mission On Saturn!” – René Pétillon (reprinted in Greatest Hits 1994)
p.21-25 – “Gail: Episode Number Three” – Philippe Druillet
p.29-36 – “Off-Season” – Elisabeth “Zha” Salomon and Nicole Claveloux
p.37-44 – “Orion: Chapter Five” – Gray Morrow
p.45 – “Georgik…” – Georgik
p.47 – “Rochberny” – Jacques Rochberny
p.48-49 – “Galactic Geographic: New Evidence Of Life In The Void” – Karl Kofoed
p.51-58 – “Only Connect: A Sequence” – Claude “Alias” Lacroix (reprinted in Greatest Hits 1994)
p.59-70 – “More Than Human” – Theodore Sturgeon, Douglas Moench, and Alex Niño
p.71-78 – “Heilman” – Alain Voss
p.80-83 – “Peaceful In The Country” – Dominique “Alexis” Vallet
p.84 – “Chain Mail”
p.84 – “Somewhere, Sometime” – John Workman
p.85-91 – “Planet Of Terror” – Philippe “Caza” Cazamayou and Paul Lamontellerie (reprinted in The Best Of 1982)
p.93-96 – “Age Of Ages” – Akbar Del Piombo and Norman Rubington
Back Cover – Michel Guéranger


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