Heavy Metal #142 (vol. 16 #5, January 1993)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – Denis Sire
p.04-07 – “Gallery: Obsession: A Look At Druuna” – Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
p.09-15 – “The Game” – Matthias Schultheiss
p.17-32, 85-114 – “Trio Grande: Adios Palomita” – Olivier Vatine, Alain Clément, Fabrice Lamy, and Isabelle Rabarot
p.34-45 – “The Hermit And The Fool” – Milan Trenc
p.47 – “StripTease: Modern Age” – Peter Kuper
p.47 – “StripTease: The Adventures Of Wormboy!” – Peter Kuper
p.48 – “StripTease: Lives Of The Artists: Vincent Van Gogh: His Peculiar Behavior” – Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman
p.49 – “StripTease: Mr. Pumpie’s World” – Mark Martin
p.50 – “StripTease: The Power” – Paul Mavrides
p.51 – “StripTease: The End” – Kazimieras “Kaz” Prapuolenis
p.53-63 – “TKO” – Peter Kuper
p.66-68 – “V. I. T.: Rite Of Passage” – Denis Sire
p.70-77 – “White Trash: Stage Coach” – Gordon Rennie and Martin Emond
p.80-83 – “Incongruous Stories” – Miguelanxo “Miguel Angel” Prado


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