Heavy Metal #104 (vol. 9 #8, November 1985) (ii)


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Contents (text from http://www.heavymetalmagazinefanpage.com/):

Cover – “Heavy Metal” – Boris Vallejo
p.04-05 – “Dossier: Stranger Than Jarmusch” – Lou Stathis, Jim Jarmusch, and Robin Holland
p.05-06 – “Dossier: Escape From Hollywood: John Carpenter” – Dan Yakir
p.07-08 – “Dossier: Vinge Talks Back” – Constance Ash and Joan Vinge
p.08-10 – “Dossier: The Kurtzman Cometh” – Steven C. Ringgenberg and Harvey Kurtzman
p.10-11 – “Dossier: Flipping Coens” – James Verniere, Joel Coen, and Ethan Coen
p.11-12 – “Dossier: Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last: Chuck Norris” – James Verniere
p.13 – “Dossier: Raving And Drooling” – Lou Stathis
p.14 – “Dossier: The Brain Bat Of Comics: Basil Wolverton” – Mike Barson
p.15 – “Dossier: Viking Youth: Walter Bannert” – James Verniere
p.16 – “Dossier: Video Voyeur” – Jim Farber
p.17-20 – “Third Reich Opera Proudly Presents: 198
X” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.21-28 – “Jessie, This Is Sahamis Base Calling” – Carlos Giménez and Jack London
p.29 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.32-46 – “Elephant Cemetery” – Yves Chaland
p.48-55 – “Slot Machine: S & M” – Carlos Trillo and Horacio Altuna (reprinted in Greatest Hits 1994)
p.58-66 – “Poe? Phooey!” – Alberto Breccia
p.68-75 – “Tex Arcana: Meets The Toast Of Europe: Part 24” – John Findley
p.76 – “HM’s Hollywood Hell: The Lord Of Eltingville: Has The Answers” – Drew Friedman
p.77 – “The Jealous God: The Seven Monk / Knights Arrive” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Silvio Cadelo
p.78-88 – “The Jealous God: The Power And The Glory” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Silvio Cadelo
p.89-96 – “The Jealous God: The Webbed Hand” – Alejandro Jodorowsky and Silvio Cadelo


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