Dinosaurs Attack! Box (48 Packs)


This is a full box of 48 packs of Dinosaurs Attack!  collectible cards. Each pack contains 5 cards, 1 sticker, and 1 stick of bubble gum from 1988 that you should absolutely, positively not ingest. Please don’t eat the gum. Seriously, can’t restate that enough, unless you want a gastrointestinal attack instead of a saurian one.

The Dinosaurs Attack!  card series features 55 base cards and 11 sticker cards in the full set. Originally conceived as a follow-up to the famous Mars Attacks!  series, Dinosaurs  features a storyline about time travel gone wrong, with bloody, graphic art by Paul Mavrides, Harry S. Robbins, Earl Norem, and XNO.

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