Avengers West Coast Lot #1-65 plus Annuals 1st App. White Vision


West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #1-31, 33-46, Annuals 1-3

#4: 1st App. of Azmodeus
#8: 1st App. of Riglevio
#10: 1st App. of Headlok
#12: 1st App. of TROUBLE (Halflife, Quantum, and Zzzax)
#30: 1st App. of The Examiner
#33: 1st App. of People’s Defense Force
#43: 1st App. of Vigilance Intelligence Agency
#45: 1st App. of White Vision
#46: 1st App. of Great Lakes Avengers

(Title becomes Avengers West Coast vol. 1) Avengers West Coast vol. 1 #47-65, Annual 4

1985-1991, Marvel Comics. Individually bagged and boarded. Condition VF-NM. Please consult image gallery for details!


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